Customs clearance & Insurance Services

At OLS Log, we offer a fast and secure customs clearance & Insurance service for all shipments transported by (Air - Sea - Land) to ensure smooth transit of your shipments solutions that are tailored-made to your flow of goods.

Every shipment & every country has their own specific customs entry procedures and requirements and our experienced qualified specialists carry out all necessary procedures to efficiently handle all phases of the customs clearance process.

On your behalf we submit the necessary documentation & cover the payment of any calculated duties and other governmental charges that may be due, and even arrange for warehousing and local delivery.

In addition, we provide consultancy services to our customers on customs legislation and facilitate the follow-up of customs clearance procedures.

When it comes to custom clearance, attention to detail and data entry is extremely important, our professional global team is always up to date on all customs regulations and will work with you to ensure proper classification of your shipments, and ensure smooth and safe transit of your shipments.

Customs clearance services:

  • Export leasing
  • Re-export operations
  • Handling of all customs formalities for importers and exporters
  • Letter of credit processing
  • Customs clearance of cargoes
  • Free zone operations
  • Submitting customs declarations
  • Placement of cargo in customs warehouses and other warehouses
  • Obtaining various certificates, licenses and other permits for customs operations
  • In the regulation of foreign economic contracts
  • Calculation of customs duties

Insurance Solutions:

OLS Log offers all types of insurance programs that cover all phases of logistics and our specialists can recommend the best insurance needed according to the shipment specific requirements and according to your business needs and with the best flexible policies.

We have agreements with the best and highest-ranked companies world-wide to insure your shipment against the risks associated with global transportation, from origin until it reaches the end destination.

Our insurance services also including insurance coverage / conditions for shipments under letters of credit.

It covers the damages that may occur during crash, collision, fire, explosion, loading, transfer and unloading of the goods transported by land-air-sea, within the terms of the policy.

Optionally, guarantee is provided against Warehouse Guarantee, Transfer Guarantee, Initial Shipment, End Shipment and War Strike guarantees.

Institute Cargo Clauses (A) - All Risks (Comprehensive Coverage): It protects against all damages that the transported cargo will suffer from until it reaches the destination warehouse.

Includes loading, unloading, and collateral for partial damage.

The responsibilities of department officers are as follows:

  • Acceptance of cargoes in temporary storage warehouses.
  • Control of shipping times of loads.
  • Issue of cargo from temporary storage depots.
  • Insuring the cargoes in responsible custody.
  • Processing of export and import documents.
  • Closing of export returns.
  • Inviting independent experts to determine the quality and quantity of the loads when necessary.

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For over 25 years, we have been professionally and skillfully providing transportation and logistics services according to the needs of individual businesses and markets.

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